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SOL Mates Adhesive

SOL Mates Adhesive

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*For qualified lash technicians only*

SOL Mates Adhesive 

  • Suitable for beginner lash techs who need slightly longer to place the lash once glued
  • Can be used for all styles of lashes
  • Drying time: 1-2 seconds
  • Ideal humidity 45-60%
  • Ideal working temperature - 20-23 degrees celsius.
  • Colour black
  • All our products are not tested on animals
  • Patch test – You should patch test all new clients, whether they have had the treatment before or not. You may use different products to the clients previous lash technician so its so important to do a patch test. Place 4-5 lashes on the outer corner of each lash, natural lengths so they are not noticeable are fine. Positive tests will result in swelling, irritation or inflammation of the skin. This may not happen immediately which is why it is important to again perform this treatment 48 hours prior to the treatment taking place.

Lash Adhesive for professional lash artists only. Not to be used for personal use.

Our adhesives last 6 weeks from the time first opened. We recommend making a note of the date you opened your adhesive to ensure you replace once the adhesive has expired. Please note our sample bottles only last 7 days once opened.

Always shake your lash adhesive before use, from left to right to mix all the ingredients together.

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